Some Progeress

I got locked out of my blog for a while – so I haven’t been blogging but I do have news. I”m started to compose like I used to – hours a day. I redid the end of Be Still and I think it’s better but I’m not positive. Maybe I can make it available in two versions.

I’m also working on that Rumi piece – I think it’s about %60 done. It’s hard. The tricky thing is that this is basically piano left hand and choir. Figuring out the piano right hand is tough – but it needs to be in there or else the piece sounds to barren. I think I’ll do this piece with Oratorio Choir next fall. I”m making sure it isn’t as hard as Be Still. And for once I have a piece that is kind of fast and percussive. Normally I’m slow and legato. Not here.

I have done some thinking and realized – I composed a lot but I never actually tried to be a professional composer. To do this getting pieces published is good but building relationships with conductors is maybe better, certainly as first. I have right now two choirs that I”m writing a piece for – no money, just seeing if we might like to do something bigger or more later on.

I’m also asking people I know that directly know conductors if they would pass along Be Still. Right now one of the singers did this successfully and I have a performance of Be Still coming up in a church I believe, and the same conductor is looking at my other sacred music. I’ve heard that composing is a people business. At first I had no idea what that meant, but now I see.

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