I have successfully used the clock to send me to the piano bench for 30 minutes, composing or not, and it has helped. Now I”m finding that things a re different because I am getting into a grove of visiting the piano several times spontaneously. I don’t know if this adds to 30 minutes but it’s not far off. It might be more. It feels better, so I think I”m falling into a natural groove of composing.

I showed my piece fragments to a piano student today who said this piece is rather dark and dissonant. This is true – but this is definitely not atonal. It’s pretty basic tonal – the only weird thing is that flat 2 in the scale. Huge difference though, but still tonal.

I’m very happy with the 1.5 melodies I have for the second line – Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows. It’s annoyingly long with no place to breath somewhere – right now it’s after “sunlight”

As I am writing the melodies bit by bit each day I can feel myself pulling forth more emotional and inspirational melodies (for some) This means, and this makes sense, that my ability to write melodies will keep growing. Everything in my composing will keep growing – all I have to do is keep on doing it.