I put in my 30 minutes. For this I tried a thought experiment. I pretended that I was fighting for scheduling a practice room and all I could get was this really good room for only 30 minutes. I had a maximum time limit. This helped me be more focussed and I got some good work done. Not a huge amount, but this isn’t a huge piece so if I make progress every day it won’t be impossible to finish.

I”m trying the 30 minute cap – I might fo more later today though. I have a tough task. Something isn’t right in the fugue part I wrote. The last 5-6 measures don’t clearly enough express imitation. It’s ok to break imitation to some degree when you hit a cadence together – more or less there is no way to do that without cheating on the imitation in this type of thing, but this is too long. And the sops are just too low. I think I already have the solution but it’s going to be a messy thing rearranging all this.

Maybe that will be my second task for today if I do more.