My printer won’t work soI can’t print my piece! I am going to need to print this off a USB at Staples to get my score to the piano. Right now I did some work directly on the computer. I’d give myself an F for this work because it’s approximately %50 correct and %50 traumatic. For me at least, writing at the computer, at this point, is a failing move. But getting an F on today’s harmonization is OK when I have unlimited re-writes for better grades. In fact, getting an F is a good way to learn. Tomorrow I can now become a better composer.

In this piece I have a batch of key areas (C,F,Bb,Eb,Db,C) and the bass grove is so intense, never changes basic structure except in the end, that each of these key areas need to feel fresh BUT not random. It’s hard. I think I have this figured out but I am so suspicious when I predict what I will do in the future. I’m thinking of my posts from a ways back where I would say I was going to do something and then totally didn’t do it. I hope I actually print this at Staples and then get some harmony done for this Bb section.

Tech note: Keys like to go up by five notes or down by five notes. Going down five notes over and over is called a circle of fifths. Check out the keys: C goes down 5 to F which goes down 5 to Bb which goes down five to Eb) That’s a textbook circle of fifths. Then I violate it by going from Eb to Db and then to C. That’s just transposing one note down at a time. Also not that weird. At first I though my key changes were magically inspired, only to find out later that it is a plain old circle of fifths. Bah!

P.S. – do you know that if you start a blog robots eventually find it and you get a tremendous amount of spam? I didn’t know this but now I do And half of it is in different languages – sometime with different characters / letters and I have no idea what thy are trying to sell me.