Surely if I want to move forward as a composer I have to up the 20 minutes of composing a day, a lot. I get tired very quickly when writing – I need to build up endurance. I’m feeling very good about what I am getting but it’s taking longer than it should in days, and also I should get in shape to compose more music faster and with more agility and control (if that’s possible) over the process of composing.

When I think about how prolific many former immortal composers worked it’s clear they were not limited to 20 minutes per day. I”ll take this inch by inch. There is a little battery operated clock by the piano. I’m going to work on my piece today for 30 minutes with that clock staring at me. My official rule here is not that I have to compose – it’s that I can’t leave that bench for 30 minutes. That’s not too much of a burden.