I can tell my hunger for composing is growing.

Here’s my situation:

I’ve been up for a few hours – I woke up really early this AM – and now I want to compose at the piano. But I can’t! I have to avoid waking people up. This is leaving me in a state where I so clearly want to be at the piano that I don’t have the will to do anything else. I could be post-producing our last recording on headphones, for example, but I’m just not doing that. My mind is blank. I’m confused even typing.

As of today at least, I see that my drive to write is real and may be heading back to where it was a long time ago, and that means obsession.I went from obsession to writers block and now I seem to be on the road back toward obsession. Not ideal. That said, with just about everything I’ve written there has been some time of obsession involved. Maybe it’s part of the process.