I’m a composer and conductor, and I have writer’s block. When I was very young, meaning 3 or 4, I was often glued to the piano where I would write little tunes, three of which I still know. When I hit middle school I would write almost every day for one or two hours right after getting home, and over the years I ended up with a massive collection on dancy synth music. That was good fun, and if I ever find a tape I’ll post some of my favorites. In high school I wrote much less, and went to acoustic instruments: piano and choir. I wrote a pretty involved piano piece called Winter Fantasy but I have no score of it and don’t remember it. It is lost.

I’m 42 now and through all these years after high school I’ve written maybe 12 pieces, which is a huge slow down from the teen years. These pieces are mostly for choir because I am a choir conductor, know the idiom, and have some connections. I also have a three choir pieces published in a choral series and am forming a relationship with a publisher, Boosey & Hawkes, so I know a publisher I can submit choral works to.

So I’m here on this blog to address the question – how do you rebegin writing? How do you topple writer’s block? Does it depend on some form of transendent inspiration or can it be done through simple discipline? I’m here to find out.

In case you are curious, here is a choral recordings via YouTube of my most recent piece, Falling Star, set to a poem by Sara Teasdale, which I wrote a bit over 2 years ago. I haven’t written anything since.