Yesterday I dropped the ball. I only composed for about 3 minutes. Shame on me! BUt in these three minutes I made an important discovery.

My basic bass move is sort of an and ONE (two) AND ONE two, which isn’t that unusual but a little different that your typical ONE two three ONE two three.

This piece modulates through a bunch of tonal centers. After taking a tour of a few keys we end up back in the first home key of C. What I noted yesterday was that if I stick to the same exact bass motif it’s kind of boring because we already had it in C, so I intensifies it two ONE and two and three and ONE (started putting eight notes in instead of just quarters. It’s kind of hard but that’s too bad for whoever plays it. I figure if I can play it badly, an accompanist can play it fine. I’m no piano master.

For what it’s worth a piano story…

I started the piano smashing keys at two, so by the time I was three I was starting to play if for real with no musicians in the family (my brother became a jazz pianist (he’s GOOD) but that was later. He still plays really really well and also is a Senior Lecturer at U Chicago in computer science. When I was in junior high my brother taught me a LOT about music theory really fast. That was essential help. So for me my childhood piano was all self driven as far as I can figure. Neither of my parents were or are musicians.

Then at 3 I smashed up the keyboard a bit, I think with a recorder. Then I was grounded and couldn’t use the piano until I was 4. After this experience I “got serious” and started writing my own tunes more deliberately. I still know three of them. My thing was that I didn’t have the urge to become an official piano player. My urge was composing. I took piano lessons for many years starting for real at third grade but when I practiced I’d practice for 6 minutes and then start writing for 40 minutes. So I’m destined to be a composer / conductor and not a keyboardist. I’m amazed at what real piano players can do. Regarding conducting, thank God for rehearsal accompanists.

I write things that I can play but sometimes just barely. I figure if it’s over my head to play it that’s quite fine. I do know how to play – I have a killer Moonlight Sonata first movement but the third movement is way out of reach for me (today) I just can’t play that fast. This is a handicap. I should work on this too. Maybe I will but no promises.